Bounce in Rhythm, Bounce Together.

Bouncefit®️ is a trademark rhythm-based trampoline fitness program by Kulture Studios that features a holistic combination of aerobic and anaerobic elements. This complex workout is conducted on custom-made mini trampolines, focused primarily on cardio (think weight loss) and is also extremely effective in terms of strengthening & conditioning. Bouncefit®️ isn't just about fitness. It's a one of a kind party, where we bounce under breathtaking LED light display, with amazing music playlists, led by a curated krew of rebounding masters - A truly unparalleled workout experience.

Singapore's leading rebounding fitness experience

6 class types

Bounce Basics

This class is most suitable for first-timers and beginners. Find your rhythm and learn the correct terms & technique to basic and power moves. For regulars, this class will help you supercharge your workout as we focus on move repetition & fundamentals.

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Cardio Burn

This is our classic Bouncefit® class that focuses primarily on cardio rebounding, conditioning, and the feel-good factor. Have fun and enjoy the burn at a comfortable pace, as we gradually build up to stomping.

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Core & Burn

Rebounding itself is an ab-training as it emphasises on core-engagement throughout the workout. Besides the classic rebounding format, this class features core exercises in between rebounding.

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Bounce HIIT

Hailed by the fitness industry as the HIGHEST fat-blaster in the SHORTEST time with the BEST results, Bounce away your calories more efficiently with High-Intensity-Interval-Training (HIIT) technique incorporated into this class.

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Hyper Burn

Expect 3x higher intensity than Cardio Burn with more power bursts and combination moves. This class is fast-paced and also features resistance and core training targeted at a full-body workout.

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Killer Burn

Not recommended for beginners, this class is meant for those who have been regularly working out. Besides power rebounding and extended core & resistance training, we also incorporate endurance tracks with weights. You will definitely be torching serious calories both during and after class.

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Hybrid Classes


From our highly raved Bounce x Barre classes at Kulture, here comes the "perfect balance between Rebounding and Barre workout" we call Re:Barre!

This 1 hour class features 60% Bouncefit® Cardio rebounding and 40% Barre workout on the rebounder itself - a perfect combination of cardio and strengthening! Barre workout is known for improving posture, balance, stability, and flexibility through ballet-inspired movements


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Bounce x Circuit

Push & challenge your limits, cycle through a circuit of exercises that targets different muscle groups with minimal rest in between. This class features 10mins of cardio rebounding followed by circuit workout with elements of boxing drills to train your endurance and strength!

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Bounce x Barre

Experience the best of both worlds with the all new Bounce Barre class! This class features 15mins of rebounding warm-up and 30mins of low-impact, dynamic ballet-inspired exercises that works wonders in tightening your glutes & helps you achieve a perky butt. Besides that, Barre workout is known for improving posture, balance, stability and flexibility.

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Praise Bounce!

"The Joy of the Lord is your Strength"

- Nehemiah 8:10

Come together as we celebrate fitness, love for life and the passion for Christ through a Christian EDM workout party! 

All attendees are welcome at just $18 per spot! Bring new friends and fellowship with fitness :) Feel free to book multiple spots for groups!


Corporate/private sessions

Looking for a fun activity for your colleauges & friends? We conduct single private sessions for corporates and individual groups with a min. requirement of 6 pax. Class type and Intensity level can be tailored to preference. Click on icon to request for a quotation!

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