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until 30th November 2019

Robinson Unlimited

$180.00Regular Price$150.00Sale Price

Tribe Unlimited

$280.00Regular Price$250.00Sale Price

4 Sessions

$130.00Regular Price$100.00Sale Price

9 Sessions

$239.00Regular Price$209.00Sale Price

18 Sessions

$399.00Regular Price$369.00Sale Price

November Schedule

Combined NOV Schedule 2019.jpg

IMPORTANT NOTE: Instructors may be on rotation & class types may be subjected to changes from time to time

Notes for November:

  • Studio will be closed on 16th and 17th November for BounceFest Vol. 3

  • Bounce Circuit classes will open for booking on the Kulture App every Saturday

  • Cancelled classes: 3/11 (Bounce Basics @KWM), 4/11 (BounceHIIT @Rob), 5/11 (Lunch Lite @Rob), 6/11 (Cardio Burn @KWM), 9/11 (Hyper Burn @KWM), 9/11 (Core & Burn @KWM)

  • 15/11 (6:15pm) Hyper Burn @Robinson - Guest Instructor, Sarah Wong

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