CBRE PLAY - Bouncefit®️ from Home

Bouncefit®️ From Home is a home rebounding workout program sponsored by CBRE. If you would like to join our live bounce sessions from home at no cost at all, register your interest via the button below and receive your rental trampoline within 7 working days!

*Terms apply*


Did you know that all the bad stuff are stored in your lymph nodes?

Rebounding to the rescue!

The constant up & down motion when you bounce is extremely effective in releasing these toxins in your lymphatic system.

Detoxing is the best way to build stronger immunity. Imagine doing it daily!


Your exercise habits and diet could play a role in cancer prevention and treatment.

A well-oxygenated body resists cancer.

As nasty cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment, regular rebounding helps to prevent cancer by filling it with oxygen!


Did you know that 2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes if swimming and 22 minutes if walking?


A 5-minute bounce is therefore equivalent to doing a quick jog around the block!

You get the drift ;) You basically burn more calories with less time!


Trampoline Dimension

  • 130cm wide 

  • 28cm leg height

  • Trampoline comes with detachable handlebar

  • Trampoline weight 15.5kg

  • Maximum weight limit 110kg

What is rebounding?

Bouncefit®️ is a trademarked rhythm-based trampoline fitness party workout experience by Kulture Studios. This complex workout is conducted on custom-made mini trampolines, that focuses primarily on cardio (think weight loss) and full-body conditioning. Bouncefit®️ isn't just about fitness, it is a one of a kind workout party, under breathtaking LED lighting displays and awesome music playlists, led by our crew of high energy rebounding instructors - making every workout a party of your life