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“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.”

From watching her daughter from the outside through our glass windows, to bouncing with her in the studio — all it took was a line of encouragement from her daughter, Fiona, before Theresa’s bounce journey with Kulture Studios took flight.

Despite her age, Theresa only goes for Hyper Burn (level 4) and Killer Burn (level 5) classes. These classes may seem tough, but Theresa has some words of encouragement (especially for women her age) to give it a shot!

“For a start, if there is somebody with you, it’s probably better. For me, I have my daughter for company. So for first-timers, it’s good to come with somebody that they know.” - Theresa.

To this mother-daughter pair with a close knitted relationship, working out together amplifies the strong bond between them as bouncing becomes a common interest and topic between the two of them. Sharing her previous difficulties in finding a common high-intensity sport suited to both their age groups, Fiona believes that rebounding is an exciting exception.

“I find that Bounce caters to people of all ages. If you’re not comfortable with Killer Burn classes (level 5), then you could just go for Cardio Burn classes (level 2)!” - Fiona

Having shared the past four years of their life bouncing with Kulture, we would like to joyfully congratulate the mother-daughter duo for recently upgrading their status to grandmother-mother duo!

It has been about seven months since Fiona embarked on her new motherhood journey and more than a year since she last exercised. We were curious about her plans on coming back to bounce postpartum and her fears on kick-starting her engine again. We then learnt that one main barrier preventing most mothers to start exercising again is setting aside time for themselves, away from their child. Despite these concerns, Fiona raised one significant point about rebounding — stress release. As the saying goes “In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive”.

We understand that there are many mothers out there feeling a little apprehensive to start rebounding with the common misconception that it’s only for youngsters. This cannot be further from the truth. Take Theresa's case for example. Although she felt “out of place” seeing members “half her age” rebounding alongside her — the key was to focus on herself rather than what others think. After bouncing with us for a few sessions, she was glad she made that jump.

“After I started a few sessions, I realised ‘eh? I like it!’. Then, unknowingly, you will blend in and not care if you’re old or young or whatever the most important thing is that I like what I’m doing”. - Theresa

Rebounding is not just for the young and the active, but it is also for people of all ages and fitness levels. This is why at Kulture, we have classes across various levels of intensity to share the joy, fun and lifestyle of Bouncefit with everyone! You are never too old or too young for this workout. Trust us when we say there is really nothing a good workout, nice playlist and high energy cannot fix.

While our classes provide strength training, let us not forget how our strong mummies also give us strength through the love and care they have given us over the decades.

“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.”

In celebration of our strong and brave mothers this Mother’s Day, what better way to do it than bringing her down to have some sweaty fun with the Kulture Tribe? To share the joy with your mothers, we are giving three complimentary classes to our B9 (B9+3) packages for you guys! We promise this will be a great bonding experience! Promo ends 30 May 2021. Click here to purchase.

// In light of the new Covid-19 measures, our studio will be closed from 8 - 30 May. Studio packages purchased during this time will get an extended validity accordingly.

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