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“I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me.”

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

From observing her daughter from outside our studio's glass windows to actively bouncing alongside her in the studio, all it required was a single line of encouragement from her daughter, Fiona, to propel Theresa's journey into the world of bouncing with Kulture Studios.

In spite of her age, Theresa exclusively attends Hyper Burn (level 4) and Killer Burn (level 5) classes. While these classes might appear daunting to many, Theresa offers words of encouragement, especially to women her age, urging them to give it a try.

"To start, it's probably better to have somebody with you. In my case, I have my daughter to keep me company. So, for first-timers, it's good to come with someone they know." - Theresa

For this mother-daughter pair with a strong bond, working out together has further strengthened their relationship, as Bouncefit has become a shared interest and conversation topic. Finding a high-intensity sport that suited both their fitness levels was a challenge, but Fiona believes that rebounding is an exciting exception.

“I find that Bounce caters to people of all ages. If you’re not comfortable with Killer Burn classes (level 5), then you could just go for Cardio Burn classes (level 2)!” - Fiona

Celebrating the mother-daughter pair who have spent the last four years bouncing through life with Kulture, we extend our heartfelt congratulations as they now embark on a new chapter as a grandmother-mother duo!

It has been approximately seven months since Fiona began her journey into motherhood, and it has been over a year since she last engaged in regular exercise. We were curious to hear her thoughts on returning to bouncing postpartum and the apprehensions she might have had about reviving her fitness routine. What we discovered was that a significant hurdle for many mothers in resuming exercise is finding time for themselves away from their children. Despite these concerns, Fiona highlighted a crucial aspect of rebounding — stress relief. As the saying goes, "During times of great stress or adversity, it's often best to keep busy, channeling your anger and energy into something positive."

We recognize that many mothers may feel a bit hesitant about starting rebounding, perhaps due to the common misconception that it's primarily for younger individuals. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Consider Theresa's experience, for instance. Although initially, she felt somewhat out of place seeing members who were "half her age" rebounding alongside her, the key was shifting her focus from what others might think to her own well-being. After participating in a few sessions with us, she was delighted she took that leap.

"After I began a few sessions, I realized, 'Hey, I like it!' Then, without even noticing, you blend in and stop caring about whether you're old or young or anything else. The most important thing is that I enjoy what I'm doing." - Theresa

Rebounding isn't exclusive to the young and highly active; it's a workout suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. That's why, at Kulture, we offer classes tailored to various levels of intensity, ensuring that everyone can share in the joy, fun, and Bouncefit lifestyle. You're never too old or too young for this workout. Trust us when we say there's truly nothing that a good workout, a great playlist, and high energy can't uplift.

While our classes provide physical strength training, let's not forget how the strong mothers in our lives also provide us with strength through the love and care they've bestowed upon us over the years.

"I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me."

To honour our resilient and courageous mothers this Mother's Day, what could be a more fitting tribute than inviting her to join the Kulture Tribe for some lively and invigorating fun? In the spirit of sharing joy with your mothers, we are offering three complimentary classes when you purchase our B9 (B9+3) packages! This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your bond while enjoying these classes together. Hurry, as this promotion ends on May 30, 2021. Click here to purchase.

// In light of the new Covid-19 measures, our studio will be closed from 8 - 30 May. Studio packages purchased during this time will get an extended validity accordingly.

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Joe Lie
Joe Lie

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