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It's scientifically proven!

Rebounding workout may be the best workout to boost your immunity system and release stress during this stay home period, and beyond.

...and we are backing it up with facts!

Exercise is potentially '"the most powerful habit that people can adopt right now as we're coping with this new and novel virus", says DrPH David Nieman, a professor in the department of biology at Appalachian State University and director of the university's Human Performance Laboratory.

The simple act of moving your body more can provide a powerful tool for fighting infections. The catch? Not all exercise is entirely helpful to your immune system, or for your joints. Studies show that moderate to vigorous intensity low impact cardio workouts lasting 45-60 mins increase the circulation of immune cells. You will get an immediate response from your immune system, but that will eventually go away unless you keep working out consistently. British Journal Of Sports Medicine found that those who did aerobic exercise for five days or more said of the week lowered the number of upper respiratory tract infections (like the common cold) over a 12-week period by more than 40%. Prof. Nieman explains: Say you have a housekeeper come over to clean your home for 45 minutes most days of the week. The house will look a lot better on that first day than if someone never came. But the more frequently the housekeeper comes back, the better and cleaner the house will look.

“Exercise really is a housekeeping activity, where it helps the immune system patrol the body and detect and evade bacteria and viruses,” Nieman says.

So, you can’t necessarily exercise one day here and there and expect to have an illness-clearing immune system. Come back for more movement on the regular, and your immune system is better prepared to wipe out sickness-causing germs.

This is why you should be jumping on our rebounding workout now!

Bouncefit® is designed as a full-body, aerobic & anaerobic workout where you bounce (and move) continuously for 45mins to an hour - all done within the space of our mini-rebounder (also known as a trampoline). The best part is it does not hurt your knees and joints at all! As we know it, the dilemma for all workouts is always the fear of pain and injury on the hardware of our body, especially with age. With the rebounder, it absorbs the impact created during the workout - which is even better than jogging or brisk walking.

Great news!

Trampolines are still available for rental and purchase now. All options come with complimentary Live class credits where you can join us from home!

There's no better time and environment to start than now. Bounce with us today and get your daily dose of low impact cardio workout to boost your immune system with us!

Get a trampoline from us here

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