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#TribeTalks: "Everyone needs that sanity check to do better. " - Tiffany

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Tiffany was introduced to Bouncefit by a close girlfriend back in January, 2018. Two and a half years on, Bouncefit has become a part of her life and she's not looking back. As we get to know her better, we learn how important it is to find strength & sanity through the things you love to do. Here's a little chat on how she's juggling work, 3 kids and her own well-being.

Tiffany looking awesome in our Stronger workout set available here

K: It's not easy being a working mum of 3 and we are amazed at how you can still find time for fitness amidst the craziness. Why is this important for you?

T: I feel that it is very important to find time to exercise, not just to stay healthy but because working out lifts the spirits up. I remember feeling lethargic and stressed for a period of time over work but ever since I got down to a fixed routine of working out, I felt much more positive and energised. I am more focused both at work and at home. Exercising also helps you to look at things from a different (but good) perspective. And every time I workout, I challenge myself to perform better because there's nothing like that adrenaline rush to keep me motivated.

K: There are so many young, aspiring mums in our tribe who may not be as motivated as you. Any advice for them on juggling between work, family and fitness?

A: It can be a mayhem! So make sure you free up time for yourself! Everyone needs that sanity check to do better. Personally, exercise clears my mind and keeps me focused. It can be pockets of 30mins or an hour in between work and time with the family but do find that free time and own it. You can try various light to heavy workouts and stick to one or a few that drives you. Lastly, I encourage you to talk to your spouse and have his support too! A happy wife, a happy hubby, a happy family !

K: Not everyone gets rebounding. What is one common misconception you'd like to debunk?

T: You don't need to be fit to bounce. You bounce to stay fit! It's age friendly :) Rebounding won't hurt your knees nor will it give you big thighs. In fact, what you'll gain is a fitter and leaner body with solid core and glutes!

K: As a tribe member for over 2 years, what do you enjoy most about Bouncefit and why does it stick compared to other workouts?

T: The whole works! I really love the energy of the Kulture tribe! Bouncefit is a full body workout that is fun, complete and explosive. Plus, the music and vibes at Kulture is awesome. At the end of each session, I feel really great and refreshed, yes you heard me, refreshed! To be honest, I was never a fan of any group class but Kulture's Bouncefit truly won me over.

K: We know you're still on a rental subscription with us :) What do you love most about having a trampoline at home and joining virtual classes?

T: Other than the fact that the home feels nothing like the Galaxy Studio (which I really miss!), it's actually very convenient and it saves time. I can jump straight into a session after a busy day; and with the availability of videos of previous sessions, I can bounce anytime I need a good sweat!


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