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Want a $5 voucher from us?

*Kulture Members Exclusive*

We have just launched an all-new Trial option of 4 classes at $59, valid for 2 weeks!

Only in March, get your friends to come join you for your favourite classes for the first time with this 4 class trial pack and you will receive a $5 Kulture Voucher from us

All they have to do is make the purchase, and indicate your name and mobile number when prompted in their trial indemnity submission form. We will then prepare the voucher for your collection this month, That simple! Offer ends 31 March 2020


Q. Am I eligible for this if I no longer have an existing package with Kulture?

A. Yes you can! As long as you have been a member before :)

Q. Is this only for new friends only?

A. Yes it is! This is trial option that is for absolute new comers who have never tried Bouncefit at Kulture before

Q. If I refer more than 1 new friend do I can more vouchers?

A. Yes of course! You get 1 voucher with every new friend who purchases this $59 trial pack!

Q. What if my friend forget to indicate my name?

A. This is one of the items for them to complete when they are filling up the trial indemnity, so if they fail to do so, that will be final and we cannot backtrack and issue a voucher for you after :( #Fairplay

Q. How do I know when I can collect my voucher?

A. We will contact you via WhatsApp within 1 - 2 working days once we receive a purchase from the trial member. Do note that all vouchers are valid for 6 months only.

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