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Bounce & Lounge


Say Hello to B:lounge

B:Lounge — the world's first multi-functional Trampoline-to-Ottoman statement piece by Kulture Studios, that fits seamlessly into any stylish home. With our patent-pending design, you easily convert our workout trampoline into a piece of functional furniture in your home. Enjoy Bouncefit, Kulture's trademarked party rebounding workout from the comfort of your home, in style.


3 different looks for your home


Caramel velvet

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-30 at 5.16.44 PM

Black velvet

Vintage PU Leather.JPG


Vintage PU leather

Click through for new colourways

Why bounce?

Detox, baby!

Did you know that all the bad stuff are stored in your lymph nodes?

Rebounding to the rescue!


The constant up & down motion when you bounce is extremely effective in releasing these toxins in your lymphatic system.

Detoxing is the best way to build stronger immunity. Imagine doing that daily!



Your exercise habits and diet could play a role in cancer prevention and treatment.


A well-oxygenated body resists cancer.

Regular rebounding fills our cells with oxygen, which is great in fighting cancer as nasty cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment.



2 minutes of rebounding is equivalent to 6 minutes of running, 10 minutes of swimming and 22 mins of walking. A 5-minute bounce is therefore equivalent to doing a quick jog around the block.


Okay, you get the gist. You basically achieve more, with less time.

it's all about happiness

No one likes to come out of a workout feeling like they went through hell.

Not only is rebounding far from that, it actually makes you feel like a brand new person as it triggers the release of endorphins, your brain’s natural calming aid - exactly what we need in these stressful times!

Unlimited online workout resources



Live Stream Classes

You can still be part of the tribe, from home! The beauty of on-demand live-stream classes is that it feels just like you're part of the class, seeing the instructor and feeling the music in real-time! Cut down on the time to commute and save the stress from the booking-frenzy.



Recorded live classes

We know schedule is everything. Nothing beats the flexibility of working out as and when you feel like it, and no more guilt of canceling a class on the last minute! Our live stream classes are recorded and made available to view for 2 weeks so you will never miss a class again! This is a well-loved feature by working moms and individuals with a dynamic lifestyle. 



Bounce Boosters

Need a perk-me-up workout in the morning or midday, from home? Introducing Bounce Boosters - your one song workout power boost for the day! Workouts range from bounce tracks to conditioning exercises, targeted at different areas and fitness goals. You dictate your focus and how much you wanna push for the day ;)

Only at Kulture, you get FREE access to these full range of on-demand Bouncefit®️ resources when you rent a trampoline with us!

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