Q: I want to try a class, how can I do that?

A: We only offer 4 class trial pack at the moment. 

Step 1 - Purchase a trial here. Do read through all terms & conditions before making payment.

Step 2 - Fill in a mandatory indemnity form via your invoice/order confirmation email 

Step 3 - Wait for us to set up your booking account within 1 working day (excluding Sat & Sun) before you start booking for classes! You will be receiving an email from us!

Q: Can I book a class first and pay over the counter?

A: All bookings are on a first-come-first-serve basis via our booking platforms. We are unable to take pre-bookings without payment, and your booking account must be created by us.

Q:  Are there any age or weight requirements to attend a Bouncefit® class?

A: Participants must be at least 18 years of age and below 100kg. 

Q:  I'm a complete beginner to this and I haven't been working out regularly. What classes should I go for?

A: We will recommend classes that are level 3 and below for first-timers. Having said that, you are welcome to join all levels (except Killer Burn) as long as you manage your own pace. It is absolutely fine to not follow the intensity of the instructor if you cannot keep up :) Find out more about our class types here

Class Bookings

Q:  When do you launch classes for bookings?

A: We launch bookings on a week-by-week basis, every Monday at 9pm.

Attending Classes

* In view of the latest Covid-19 measures, only fully vaccinated (2 weeks after your 2 dose regimen) individuals are allowed to book and attend our classes. You are required to present your vaccination status upon check-in using the TraceTogether App, and complete your safe entry at our studio. Please note that a mask will have to be worn at all times when you are not working out. Additionally, gathering and mingling is strictly not allowed, and you will have to comply with all existing safe-distancing guidelines implemented by the studio.

Q:  What do I wear or bring for a Bouncefit® class?

A: Come in comfortable workout attire, and clean sports shoes. Do bring along a small fitness towel to wipe off as you'll be sweating buckets! We do not have water coolers at the studio but you may purchase drinks via the vending machine within our studio.

Q:  How early should I check-in for class?

A: Please only arrive 10mins before your stipulated class time to avoid crowding. Do note that you will not be allowed to attend the class if you are more than 10mins late (for the benefit of other members).

Q: Are there any showers at your studio?

A: ​Lockers are available for use and washrooms are also conveniently located just outside our studio.

Package & Booking Policies


Q:  Do I have to pay a membership fee when joining a package?

A: We do not charge any membership fee for joining or purchasing a package. 

Q:  I can't finish my package, can I request for an extension?

A: Extension of validity period is only considered for cases with valid medical conditions with proof provided. For all other cases, you can opt to bring forward the balance unused credits to a new package. 

Q: I've made a purchase for a package online, how do I proceed from here?

A: Once you made a package purchase, our team will reach out to you within 1 working day (excluding Sat & Sun) to set up your booking account or if you already have an App account, we will assist to activate your new package on the backend for you to start managing your bookings.

Q:  What's your cancellation policy?

A: Due to limited class capacity, all cancellations must be made before 8pm the day before your class. We will only offer credit reinstatement where valid medical proof is provided for absences.

Bounce Bingo

Q:  Where do I find my Bingo card?

A: As long as you have an account on our booking portal (kulture-tribe.com), you will be able to find your bingo card in the main page after logging in.

Q:  How do I play?

A:  Simply book and attend a studio or livestream class. You will only be able to mark off the Bingo code provided at the end of the class if you attended the class. the first to strike out a vertical or horizontal row, wins!

Q:  Can I attend back-to-back classes to increase my chances  to win?

A:  The game rule is such that you can only strike out one code per day. So even if you attend 2 classes, youwill only be able to strike out one code. Having said that, you may still attend daily classes to stand a greater chance to win :)

Q:  If I forget to strike out the code can I do it the next day?

A:  There is a 24hours window to strike out the codes. So if you forget to do so the day before, you may still do it the next day as long as it's not over the 24hour period. We will always post the codes of the day on our IGstories in case you did not hear it in class.


Got a question we haven't answered? Send it in via info@kulture.com.sg!