Q: I want to purchase a trial but it is Out Of Stock

A: Due to the current limited class capacity, we only sell a limited no. of trials per week. New inventory will be added every Sunday.

Q: Can I book a class first and pay over the counter?

A: We can't take pre-bookings without payment. Do make a trial purchase via "Book a Trial" and reserve your class after.

Q: Can I attend a trial more than once?

A: Trials are only for those who have not bounced with us before at our studio. 

Q: Is there an expiry date for trial purchased?

A: Yes. The validity period is stated in the product details before you make a purchase.

Q:  I purchased a trial, how do proceed to book a class?

A: All trials will have to manage your own bookings via our booking platform. The entire setup process of your booking account and trial package takes 1-2 working days from the date of your purchase, depending on when you purchase the trial. Please note that we are unable to expedite account setup over the weekend or Fridays after 6pm. 
Once you made a trial purchase, you will receive a link to download a Digital file for your next steps in the Thank You page of the Checkout. There is a mandatory indemnity form link enclosed in that digital file for you to fill in before we can verify you as a first-timer and setup your account for you.

Q: What if I can't make it for the trial class on the day itself?

A: As the spot has been pre-booked for you, any late cancellation after 8pm the day before your class will incur a forfeiture of the trial, or if you're on an unlimited trial, we will automatically reduce a single day from your validity period.

Q:  Are there any age or weight requirements to attend a Bouncefit® class?

A: Participants must be at least 18 years of age and below 100kg. 

Q:  I'm a complete beginner to this and I haven't been working out regularly. What classes should I go for?

A: We will recommend classes that are level 3 and below for first-timers. Beginners should always manage your own pace and you do not have to follow the intensity of the instructor if you cannot keep up. Find out more about our class types here

Q:  What do I wear or bring for a Bouncefit® class?

A: Come in comfortable workout attire, and clean sports shoes for all Bouncefit classes. Do bring along a small fitness towel to wipe off cus you'll be sweating buckets! We do not have water coolers at the studio but drinks are available for sale.

Q: Are there any showers at your studio?

A: Public shower facilities are available within 2mins walk from our studio within Sportshub. Do bring along your own toiletries and towel.

We also provide vanity amenities within our changing areas like dry shampoo, body & facial mist, and body wipes at both studios for quick refreshment after class.

Q: Are lockers available?

A: We do not provide lockers but members usually bring their belongings into the studios or put them on the shelves just outside the Bounce studios.

Q: I've made a purchase for a package online, how do I proceed from here?

A: Once you made a package purchase, our team will reach out to you within 2 working days to set up your Kulture App account or if you already have an App account, we will assist to activate your new package on the backend for you to start managing your bookings. Your validity will begin 2 days after your package purchase. 

Got a question we haven't answered? Send it in via info@kulture.com.sg!

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