The Bounce BEAST


The SOUL of Kulture Studios, Jae is the master trainer and brain behind the trademarked Bouncefit® program. Expect nothing less from him than the original rebounding party with krazy energy & awesome vibes. 

Signature Classes: Killer Burn | Hyper Burn

Playlist Style:  EDM Beats | KPOP | Tribal | Pop Remixes


Bounce Ballerina (Bouncefit®)


Gen's not only a pro Ballerina, but also a ball of energy on the trampoline! You'll be infected with her feel-good vibes and positivity as she takes you through Bouncefit® and our latest rhythmic Barre classes. 

Signature Classes:  Core & Burn | Hyper Burn | Bounce Barre | Re:Barre

Playlist Style: Pop  Remixes | Top Hits


The Cheerleader  (Bouncefit®)


How wonderful it is to have a cheerleader as your coach through an intense workout? She's not only super relatable, but her choreography game is gonna get you really tickled in class too.

Signature Classes:  Core & Burn | Cardio Burn 

Playlist Style: Throwback | KPOP | Top Hits Remixes


Power House (Bouncefit®)


You can always count on Farah for a good sweat. The longest-standing Bouncefit® instructor (possibly the fittest) in our team,  Farah's no push-over when it comes to fitness. She's the voice of encouragement you need to stretch your limits, but not without a little sense of humour. 

Signature Classes:  Core & Burn | Killer Burn | Bounce Basics |

Playlist Style: Progressive Trance | House Beats | Tribal | Latin


Bounce Buttercup (Bouncefit®)


Don't let her looks fool you! Clarisse may have all the cuteness packed into this tiny frame, but her playlist definitely reveals a little firecracker within. You'll be surprised by her burst of energy and confidence on the podium, and she may just become the favourite Bounce-buddy you never had ;) 

Signature Classes:  Lunch Lite  | Cardio Burn | Praise Bounce

Playlist Style:  Hip Hop |  Bigroom House | Gospel EDM


Bounce Bubbles (Bouncefit®)


The name says it all - you can't find a more bubbly personality than Alexa! She's like a flu virus - in a good way. Spreading good vibes, happiness & laughter all round (you get our point). The only thing you may love more than her personality will probably be her fresh take in music choices that are not entirely mainstream, but leaves you feeling absolutely awesome after a good sweat!

Signature Classes:  Lunch Lite  | Cardio Burn 

Playlist Style:  Indie-Pop |  EDM Remixes

The Random-G (Dance)


A Kulture-Girl who reps us hard and is always a help away from what you need (at Kulture). She's not only great with the nitty-gritty in operations, but also an amazing instructor for KPOP dance. You will love her personable (and no frills) approach in teaching Kpop choreographies, in the most un-intimidating way. 

Class: Kpop Beginner, Mondays 7:30pm

Music: Kpop

Hip Hop (Dance)


Some people are loud, some people's loudness shines through movement. If you've always wanted to explore Hip Hop in a comfortable pace, come join Jiawen at Girls Hip Hop Open class as she unveils her feminine yet funky interpretation of the genre. 

Class: Girls Hip Hop Beginner , Mondays 8:30pm

Music: R&B | Old School

Decks (Dance)


The one thing you need to learn about B-Boy Decks is his Power-Moves, but B-Boy isn't just about the big tricks. Decks also explores the introduction of this cool genre to beginners by incorporating simple breaking steps into Pop hits. 

Class: BBOY Basics & Fundamentals, Thursdays 8:30pm

Music: Funk | Pop Remix

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