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Live Stream Classes

You can still be part of the tribe, from afar! The beauty of bouncing from home is that it feels just like you're part of the class, seeing the instructor and feeling the music in real-time! Cut down on the time to commute and save the stress from the booking-frenzy.



Recorded live classes

Nothing beats the flexibility of working out as and when you feel like it. Our live stream classes are recorded and made available to view for 2 weeks so you will never miss a class again! This is a well-loved feature by working moms and individuals with a dynamic lifestyle. 



Bounce Boosters

Need a perk-me-up workout in the morning or midday, from home? Introducing Bounce Boosters - your one song workout power boost for the day! Workouts range from bounce tracks to conditioning exercises, targeted at different areas and fitness goals.


Whether it's just a trampoline, with the B:Lounge cover or just online subscription, find an option that suits your lifestyle at home!

New to Kulture?
Enjoy a 14-day $2.99 trial! This exclusive promotional price is for recurring payment method (via credit cards) only. After the 14-day trial, $29.90 will be charged to your credit card on a monthly basis instead of the usual $79*! 

*$29.90/month is applicable for continuous subscriptions only.  Please note that you will be charged $79/month when you cancel and re-subscribe again in the future :)

If you wish to proceed, click on the button below to email us, and we will assist to verify and create an account for you on our booking web to purchase.

For existing members, log into your accounts via >> Buy Credits >> Monthly Unlimited LiveStream >> Pay via Paypal.

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Q: Are the trampolines on rental/sale the same as the ones in the studio?

A: Our rental units are a mixture of what we have from our warehouse and the studio. Both are of the same quality and good working condition.

Q: Do I have to install the trampolines myself?

A: The trampolines will come in 2 parts, the base with legs and the handlebar. You just have to fix in the handlebar yourself and you're good to go! No complicated installation required. As our trampolines are custom made for a specific workout purpose, There are specific care instructions you have to take note of when using.

Q: Can we arrange self-collection?

A: We are sorry but self-collection option will not be available at the moment. Due to the circuit breaker measures, we will not have staff on standby at the warehouse for the trampolines.

Q: I already own a trampoline at home. Can I join the online live Bouncefit sessions?

A: Yes you can join us for the live workouts at $12/session or go unlimited at $79 per month!

Q: I can't make it for the live session at the scheduled timing :(

A: You can use your virtual credits to purchase a recorded session from us, or if you are on unlimited, you can access the recorded videos via our booking portal.

Q: Will you continue to offer online sessions after the Circuit Breaker period?

A: We will continue to offer live stream of selected studio classes for you to join us at home.

Q: Can I use my existing credits to pay for online classes?

A:  We do not recommend this option as our pay-per-class online sessions are heavily discounted at $12/session compared to our studio workouts. We will not be able to split the credits for such online sessions, and 1 full class credit will still apply if you wish to do so. 

Q: What is the schedule of the live classes?

A: You may refer to the above monthly schedule. Bookings will be released by Monday each week for the new week.

Q: When do I need to renew if I wish to continue the rental?

A: Please note that we are readjusting all rental cycles to begin from the 1st of each month. An automatic invoice will be sent to you 3 days in advance before your rental expiry date. There will be no further reminders for this and any late payments will result in a shortened validity period from the date of payment to the 1st of the following month. 

Q: Can I convert my rental to a 2nd Hand trampoline purchase?

A: Yes you definitely can! Just reach out to us before the end of your rental cycle to let us know so we can assist you.

Q: If I have my own trampoline can I just subscribe for online classes?

A:  Of course! If it's your first time subscribing to us, you can enjoy a $2.99 (1 month) subscrciption trial using Paypal (Credit Card), and have access to all livestream and recorded classes. Subsequent recurring payment will be at $29.90/month until you unsubscribe. Do note that once you unsubscribe, future subscription fee will be at the original price of $79/month. 

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