If you're not familiar with Kulture, we are the first studio in Singapore to introduce fitness on a trampoline since 2017, and the creators of the Bouncefit® rebounding program.

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Q: Are the trampolines on rental/sale the same as the ones in the studio?

A: Our rental units are a mixture of what we have from our warehouse and the studio. Both are of the same quality and good working condition.

Q: Do I have to install the trampolines myself?

A: The trampolines will come in 2 parts, the base with legs and the handlebar. You just have to fix in the handlebar yourself and you're good to go! No complicated installation required. As our trampolines are custom made for a specific workout purpose, There are specific care instructions you have to take note of when using.

Q: Can we arrange self-collection?

A: We are sorry but self-collection option will not be available at the moment. Due to the circuit breaker measures, we will not have staff on standby at the warehouse for the trampolines.

Q: I already own a trampoline at home. Can I join the online live Bouncefit sessions?

A: Yes you can join us for the live workouts at $12/session or go unlimited at $79 per month!

Q: I can't make it for the live session at the scheduled timing :(

A: You can use your virtual credits to purchase a recorded session from us, or if you are on unlimited, you can access the recorded videos via our booking portal :)

Q: Will you continue to offer online sessions after the Circuit Breaker period?

A: We foresee that even with the Circuit Breaker ending, social distancing will become a norm for a considerable time. We will continue to offer live streams of selected studio classes for you to join us at home.

Q: Can I use my existing credits to pay for online classes?

A:  We do not recommend this option as our pay-per-class online sessions are heavily discounted at $12/session compared to our studio workouts. We will not be able to split the credits for such online sessions, and 1 full class credit will still apply if you wish to do so. During this period, your studio packages will continue to be on hold and extended so do not worry about them expiring during this time.

Q: What is the schedule of the live classes?

A: We will release a schedule by Saturday for the upcoming week. Do follow us on Instagram for the latest updates!

Q: When do I need to renew if I wish to continue the rental?

A: We will send you an invoice by the 3rd week of the month for renewals.

Q: Can I convert my rental to a 2nd Hand trampoline purchase?

A: Yes you definitely can! Just reach out to us before the end of your rental cycle to let us know so we can assist you.

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