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Beat the haze. Bounce Back Stronger with September promotions!

Sick of falling sick easily these days? We can't help the weather & environment but we sure can strengthen our immunity against it!

Poor immunity can be due to weak lymphatic health.

In case you are wondering, your lymphatic system is just as important as your main organs - it is our body's immune system. But what has that got to do with Bouncefit®?

We're glad you asked.

All of us encounter toxins in the environment daily. We love our food but they contain chemicals, hormones and preservatives that challenge our digestive systems. And let's be real honest, with our sedentary lifestyles, these toxins stay trapped in our cells. While we still want to enjoy that quality of life and occasional indulgence, we also need to maintain our health. The truth is our lymphatic system does not drain toxins out by itself, unlike the circulatory system that pumps blood throughout the body from our heart.

So here comes the golden point we're making:

Research proves that rebounding (the repeated anti-gravity motion) is the most effective exercise that stimulates our lymphatic system to drain out toxins

Bouncefit® is really not just another fancy workout. It's more than that. Great news if you're rebounding regularly with us already ;)

Find out more about rebounding and your lymphatic here


September Promotions: even better news, we came up with a couple of awesome discounts this month just to encourage you to get you going!

Robinson Rd *Exclusive* 99/mth Unlimited subscription

New to the tribe? Here's a signup discount for you!

*Members only* 19% OFF all package renewals

We're celebrating our founders' marriage union this month with our tribe with a massive 19% discount for ALL member renewals! Promotion ends 30 September 2019. Available via in-app purchase, website & over-the-counter.

Make your health a priority and don't let the haze stop your momentum. #BouncebackStronger

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